I feel FP4+ is great quality film that performs just "OK".

Of course it's a great portrait film because of the way it minimizes skin blemishes in the upper tones of caucasian skin. But it doesn't subtly differentiate as well the darker midtones and dark tones - which to me is what really makes black and white photos interesting to look at.

You can see it a litte in the scans above - compare to the luscious darktones of the Foma 100 to FP4+.

I feel the Kodak films excell at this. I recently purchased some 40 different 6x6cm Kodak and Ilford negatives shot in the late 60's and early 70's - the difference in the rendition of darker tones (kodak's being better in my view) is apparent even when printing another photographers negatives from 45 years ago.