I know it's already been said, but I'll repeat it again- the problem isn't materials, it's technique. Both FP4+ and Fomapan are great films. The only reason I can see to switch to FP4+ is the quality control. This becomes less an issue when working in large format, as any pinholes generally disappear as a matter of size. If you're finding your skies are consistently blown out with Foma, I'd shorten your development time. Also, if you're planning on making a change to your regime, change one variable at a time, to control for the change. Otherwise you can't tell what the effect of the change is. I used to develop with Rodinal, and I used it at 1:50. Having moved to large format and contact printing in alternative processes, I've changed to Pyrocat HD. I do go back and forth between Fomapan 200 and FP4+ in part because only certain sizes are available in the Fomapan 200. But it's a lovely film for what I use it for and I have no real complaints. Ditto with FP4+.