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All these years I've developed sheet film without a visible timer, just a metronome and counting the minutes in my head!! Talk about adding stress to the process: "wait was I at 6 minutes or 7 minutes". It's like counting long rests when playing music. Stop concentrating for a few seconds and you're in trouble.
Michael, I've lost the count of how many times I've lost the count. Funnily enough, I don't think I was actually ever off in my counting, but the stress and the darkness-induced self-doubt were not worth it. I bought this little process timer: http://www.rhdesigns.co.uk/darkroom/...essmaster.html

It comes with a foot switch, and it beeps to tell me when to agitate, and when I am 10 secs from the end of a stage in a process sequence. For film processing, I turn it upside down, so I work by sound only. For paper, it seems quite safe. As an extra, it comes with a temperature probe, which adjusts the "speed" of the passage of time as a function of deviation of the temperature from the aim of 68F. You may have seen John Sexton use a similar device when processing paper in developer. This one is more customisable than the no-longer-made one that John has, and it allows a choice of 4% and 8% temp rate adjustments.

Stress no more.