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Paul - Be careful what you wish for! I have (I think) 14 Graphics now of various vintages and sizes from 2X3 to 5X7. As long as you have just one, you are okay. Once you get a second it is really hard to resist a third and so on to ruin.

Len, you're right, there is a disease but it is sometimes self-limiting. I bought a 2x3 Speed, discovered that for short lenses I needed a 2x3 Crown (or Century, which is what I got). IMO, one really needs a pair of Pacemakers, one each Crown and Speed. Two is just right.

Anyway, years after I got the Century and sold my Miniature Speed Graphic (surplus to requirements), I spent $80 for a 2x3 Crown with a 105/3.7 Ektar 'cos I wanted the lens. The Crown had a wrinkled bellows so I got a $10 2x3 Crown parts camera with Graflok and a good bellows. The $10 wonder turned out to be too nice to scrap. So now I have four, should sell the Crowns. The 105/3.7 Ektar has to go too.

I still fantasize about shooting 6x12 and a 4x5 Crown seems nearly the ideal camera for me (perhaps not others) to shoot 6x12 with. But the last time I was up in Woonsocket Adam convinced me that the shorter lenses I wanted to use on my hypothetical 4x5 Crown couldn't be made to work on one. My move to 6x12 is still stuck in the fantasizing stage.

I don't want to shoot anything else larger than 2x3 so have no reason to get a Graphic larger than 2x3. As mentioned, I have more 2x3s than I need. For me the disease has run its course.