Collin , Good idea , go check it out . If it's clean and no dents we got a deal !
I don't know knowledgable you are about the graphic cameras , but the lensboards are
different on a Super than on a Crown graphic . Crown and Speed Graphic boards are held
in on top and bottom an supers are held by the sides . Graphic boards that say the word
"Special" across the top of the board are dimpled on top and bottom and on the sides
so that they fit both types of cameras . But these boards are rare , so to use crown and
speed boards on a Super you have to glue .030 (thirty thousandths) thick shims where they
capture on the sides . I'll do the board that the lens is on (it's bored for a #1 shutter)
A drop of super glue gel does the job . The correct boards that fit the camera are bored
for #0 shutters , so if you want to use a "super" board on a lens with a larger shutter
you will have to have it bored to the correct size , unless you're handy with a dremel .

Thanx , John