Hey all,

I'm interested in a 70mm back for any camera. Hasselblad,Graflex, Mamiya, Linhof, so long as it takes 70mm film I'm interested in it. Even parts of an old 70mm camera I'd be keen on. I don't really care what condition, so long as it's vaguely functional. It's for a camera build, I've done a few run through building a film transport system and mine is just not very elegant - so I figure I'd grab an old 70mm back and work it in instead. Something like a Graflex RH70 or a Linhof rollback would probably be the most straightforward to graft into the build, but really whatever you have is probably better than what I can build with my limited materials and equipment. It's going to be botched apart, bastardised and motorised, so junkers would take first priority.