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You know, this is very informative.

But I wonder, dkgeorgie or anyone: Is there simply a thin, opaque tape that can be carefully wrapped into the bellows that will not tear when repeadedly bent (as will be the case as the bellows is brought in and out)? Doing this would truly build back the bellows' stability that had been lost with the wear. - David Lyga

I'm still searching for that. The closest I've come to finding a tape solution is black masking tape:


The thinner the better. I've used 1/4" black tape (could be the same brand above) on bellows. Getting the inside grooves of the bellows is easy. But the outside corners is hard to get with tape. And I don't have the steadiest hands.

Someone's mentioned to use gaffers tape in the past. But isn't gaffers tape a little thick?