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No, both meters are the same. Check the mamiya documentation and post it here if you can prove otherwise. They didn't change the meter. They are both averaging meters, but the area of averaging is fairly small, and varies in it's relationship to what the lens sees. However they are the same between both cameras.

I find the tab easy enough to turn, and no risk of breakage as there is with the II. If I had kept the II, I'd have gotten the brass replacement tab from the guy in Italy that makes them.

Strange, when I originally read up on it the main thing that pushed me to get the 7II was the improved meter... It's very strange not finding any info on that now... Hmmm...

Well I like the 7II the flip down curtain winder is nice for me because I can change lenses without having to take it off the tripod and the cable release is in a nicer spot, and the black color (i find the other colors very gaudy) it's all preference really...

Ok I concede ...


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