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True, but that can be said of any manufacturer. The Kodak film of today may or may not bear a resemblance to the film the company made in the 1960s, but that does not mean it's not Kodak film. I believe what the poster was trying to say is that AgfaPhoto is simply a licensed name, with really no ties or connection to the original company. However, Agfa-Gevaert is the original company and they still make film, even if it is sold under other brand names.
The real issue though, as we keep fooling around to keep old dead films and companies around, we are losing new films. As I said before, Agfa is dead, Ferrania is dead, Konica is dead, Kodachrome is dead. If you really want to use colour film, there are some nice modern films, that are current products of Kodak and Fuji, so use them, be happy using them, because if we don't we end up losing those too. So buy your film fresh, use it fresh, and be thankful you still can.