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Exactly, and that market is all but vanishing sir, so why is it that when ever the so called "market" is discussed at all on the net, it instantly drops to the lowest demographic in terms of both earning power and creative output? This baffles me...

But most importantly in terms of this discussion, photography in general is undergoing sweeping changes from top to bottom, so in my opinion you can't even use a broad based approach anymore to describing what is really going on, it is just far too varied when attaching a label to it.

Even if one pro in the whole world is using film in their work, then film is being used in paid work, period.

I know the market in general because I am frequently in many discussions with people doing photography works. We often talk about the market. The money side of photography. I personally have been doing spec work on cycling race photography for 3 years. Local races. Is a miracle I could even make some money from my photography but in general sports photography does not pay unless you work for agencies and doing large commercial works. And wedding photography is one market EVERYBODY is trying to get into to make some money with their photography. Sorry to say but the reasons why the photography industry it is what it is right now because of the digital revolution. It is getting easier for most people to take photos. With practice, you can even produce pro results with a digital camera. And most people don't believe in paying for photos nowadays. Or most newcomers believe in shooting for free in order to gain recognitions and hopefully getting paid gig referrals in the future. LOL. Yes, I know the market. I am also the products of this revolution. I am getting into film right now after years of shooting digital. Is a nice change of pace. I don't hold any romantic view on film photography. It is just a different format, that's all.