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Sorry, I thought you were talking about the other chinese camera which has the bellows and focusing screen which seems a bit clunky. The Gaorsi actually looks pretty good.
Having shot with Technoramas, Fuji 617s and Gaesori/DaYi's, the latter strike me as the most rugged. Obviously, they don't have the finesse of a Linhof; however, I have never seen a shot taken by finesse.

If you're thinking of using this style of camera for a rough'n'rugged style of shooting, it is my belief that the Gaerosi/DaYi would take more punishment than the Linhof and Fuji's.

FWIW, I think that the Fotoman cameras fit into the middle of these styles of cameras, about on par with the Fuji's for build quality and strength/ruggedness.

Also FWIW, I have never regretted buying a cheaper body and more expensive glass to put on it. YMMV.