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Just out of curiosity, approximately how many of those images do you print and/or exhibit? I have exhibited some of my Holga images, and I have printed some up to 11x14. I average about 1 printable image per roll of 12. Which is only slightly less than with my Mamiya TLR.


-- Mark
Do you mean exposed-to-keeper ratio? I think that it's about the same as my other MF camras.

It really depends on the light. I usually take it out in optimal light for the camera/film combination, and I take the same care to frame and compose like I do with my other equipment. So by and large, I can print just about all of the exposures. As for "keepers," well, it depends on what I'm photographing. I've usually been taking it out when I've been going through alleyways, and those can be quite full of things to photograph.