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Actually nevermind this thread. I realized that this is like asking what the best fruit is. I can see excellent uses for either cameras.
You got it. Shoot em if you got em.

I use the Sears Tower Type 3 (a Leica III clone) with the Elmar 50/3.5. I have the Leica IIIc as well but the Type 3 is just a bit smaller. I can slip the Type 3/Elmar combo into my shirt pocket and go anywhere. I carry a little yellow slip on filter in my pocket and a couple rolls of Arista Premium 400 and I'm good to go. But it does take some getting used to. The rangefinder/viewfinder combo is much smaller than the other options so that will take some practice for you to get accustomed to it. Believe me, it can be a bit frustrating at first. I do it just because I love the feel of using those old cameras but that isn't enough for most people.

I use a Zeiss Ikon with the MS Optical 50/3.5 collapsible as well. It is almost as pocketable (a jacket or vest pocket is a better fit for this setup) but that monstrous, clear, ZI viewfinder makes it a whole lot easier for most people to work with. And having an in-camera meter doesn't hurt.