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Wow…this is completely different than what the basic idea of the initial post was about and even what I was lead to believe in several PM's with Mr. Frizza…..

Since the first post and initial PM's, phone calls have been made, emails sent and the idea of this maybe being possible getting more people than I excited about the notion of these gorgeous shots being created. My wife often travels for work so I usually opt to go with her on some of her trips. This Sunday we are to fly to LA. so I had two meetings set up with contacts at Disney / Burbank Studios to further explore this in person…

Well I just canceled them, will still travel with my wife and instead go see my sister, niece and nephew and forget about this whole thing, LOL!!!

While Mr. Frizza is still to be commended for his amazing effort, I would have appreciated a personal heads up on these new developments before I went through the trouble of reeling this idea back in.

The film will always stay in my freezer, good luck to all in going forward…
This is quite rude seeing we have spoken multiple times in private emails about this and I beleive I have made it very clear to you I was only testing the waters for interest in this service and how people reacted to the cost price of chemistry to do it.

Please see extracts from the private emails I personally sent you where I made it very clear if I am to do the process I would be selective about whom I processed for..


"Thanks for your message, I have been doing various tests processing my own Kodachrome stocks though colour chemistry and as a pro lab owner I have recently been curious about the potential market for such a service. I do not own a K-lab machine and I know for a fact that the chemical process I run to produce a colour kodachrome is not compatible with a K-lab. I also wont be making the service available to the general public (if I make it available at all) Instead It will be upon application only.

The reason for this is because the length of time the process takes and the huge amount of work that is involved to get the final result. I don't want to waste my time on images that are rubbish. The cost of $260 dollars per roll isn't a figure that factors in my labor. Once all chemicals are sourced it will literally cost $258 US to process each roll so i just rounded it off to 260.

If someone had a K-Lab that could get proper volumes of film they would have a serious advantage over me in ability to process and their chemical costs would certainly be lower than my own.

I am still tinkering with the idea of bringing back this process for others, I will keep you up to date with anything involving this n a commercial front I do."

MY SECOND EMAIL TO YOU : 11th of November

"As I said in my last email, I merely posted on APUG to gauge expressions of interest. I am not certain I am going to offer this service at the current time or in the future. I am still tinkering with the idea."

.................................................. ...............................END OF EMAILS..............................

I would suggest before making phone calls,sending people emails and having meetings with Disney / Burbank Studios about doing a shoot on a material like Kodachorme it would be best to secure a processing arrangement with the only person currently doing it.

This being said I have been contacted by a gentleman who has been working on a long project about the Space Shuttle and I will endeavor to assist him in completing parts of the processing for this historical project all things permitting in 2013.