Hey guys,

I dont know about your dealings with these guys(if it was the Wright brothers here in LA you're referring too) personally, but all of my interactions both through the net, and IN PERSON(yes I've talked with them in person multiple times) have been very positive, and they've been very excited about this project they're working on. They're currently designing a machine to remove the remjet backing from the film prior to re-spooling, so ECN-2 processing isn't 'required' per se, but the film can be processed in any standard c-41 machine/lab, apparently w/o any affect on the chemistry(or so they've stated to me, I'm not a chemist, so don't take my word as absolute truth).

So basically,DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER(aka ME!!!)

With anything, I recommend you do your own research before laying down your own cash if you choose to do so.

I dont shoot 35mm film much anymore, since most of my photography is LF based.

I posted this so all of you who b*tch about rising film costs might have some film to feed your cameras, Kodak film that is...

Im not connected with the Wright brothers in any way, other than getting to know them over the past few interactions I've had with them as already stated.