I'm posting this too as an individual. The Wright brothers(they're not connected with InsideAnalogPhoto or anyone else that I know of, just by themselves) are basically going to be doing the removal of the Remjet backing prior to re-spooling(or outsourcing the re-spooling to someone like Ilford, from 2000ft master rolls of 500T), and after re-spooling, would be selling the film to consumers.

If you read through their blog, they've done numerous postings about their various testing procedures.

I'm not trying to push any service here, just passing along some information. Sounds like YOU have an axe to grind, I have no part of that.

Just trying to help get Kodak film into people's hands so they can continue to shoot quality color stock. I have no benefit from this at all, other than hopefully that warm fuzzy feeling knowing some can choose Kodak(as I do for my 8x10 shooting, despite the cost). I don't see many people who show the dedication these guys seem to have shown, with regard to their photography.