These aren't the people. Unfortunately those people got scammed.

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Have you considered paying for advertising on APUG instead? Because this sounds like a shill/plug/free advertising scheme by going through someone else to me.

Just FEI; These are the guys that privately asked me over the course of several months back about the ECN-2 process, I pointed out the misinformation on their website about the ECN-2 process, and was silenced on the facebook group, I've also been insulted and abused, and have been threatened with defamation law suits from those guys for reposting the rubbish they have said to me.

In regards to the business;
"We really should have taken him to court. We had a solid case. I think 3 people got scans back, 2 got negs. But so many bought film that will never be processed . Worthless. Scam. Money down the drain." -

Also here -

In regards to the photo, notice how they didn't even line up the bulk lid tab to the film exit area.

ECN-2 chem is inexpensive for the bulk you get, given the prices those guys are charging for their service, and the impression people who've gone through them have, I would recommend to learn to DIY.

For what it's worth, Portra 400 is a whole lot better than 5219 500T imho.

Regardless, before jumping on board with a product and business, do your homework about them.

Google is also reporting to me that (their main site, apparently) is a reported attack site - "Malicious software includes 3 scripting exploit(s)." don't know what that's about. As well all the link's (except contact) are 404'ing. I would not call this reliable.