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I don't see this stabilisation at all!

Either his figures do not fit, or he counts them apart. Eitherway I find this most irritating.

I totally agree on the standing the name Polaroid still has.
But I got no idea what the title of that article is hinting at. Polaroid as manufacturer is dead. Kodak, Fuji and Agfa are alive. Learning to survive from a deceased??
Agreed...can't really see the connection between Kodak and Polaroid. Polaroid cameras were a niche area so far as the general public were concerned...the novelty of instant pictures, but normally one copy only, quite expensive films, and fairly bulky cameras. For the casual snapshotter, a small 35mm, Instamatic or APS camera would score in most respects, and there were plenty of one-hour services if prints were needed quickly. And now, of course, digital.

The Polaroid brand name does seem to hold some value, though any company needs to keep close control on branded third-party goods using its name.