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I'm still searching for that. . . . . . . .

Someone's mentioned to use gaffers tape in the past. But isn't gaffers tape a little thick?
I've been trying to find a replacement for the Invisible mend cloth I used to use, in the meantime I use off-cuts of shutter curtain material and impact adhesive, I also use this to retape DDS (double darkslides - called film holders in the US). I'm saving my last bit of Invisible mend fabric for more delicate repairs.

There are Iron-on invisible repair tapes but these aren't practical for bellows uses. The adhesive on the material I used was extremely good, once applied it's permanent. I must ask in a few more places to see what else is available.

Gaffer tape is designed to have a short life, over time the adesives get very sticky then it dries out and the pape breaks down/ I've had to remove it from botched repairs and it always makes a mess. So don't use it .