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There is an APUG policy not to post anything from PMs or E-Mails in public here.

I bring this up only to ask that the moderators NOT enforce that rule here. Please. The subject matter is so central to what is going on that it must be left up and not be deleted or altered. We need this to understand bot the anguish of losing Kodachrome and the difficulty in processing it as well as the cost.

My best wishes to all concerned. I understand both sides of the story.

And normally I would have reported that too, but I agree 100% on this and feel for Stephen as he tries to sort through this now. I have liked the Shuttle Launch Film Facebook page, wrote to the owner that I want to support his goal, I might suggest some others do the same....it embodies the spirit of what The Kodachrome Project is about...

This gentleman has some 9 rolls of motion picuture stock and 37 rolls of still Kodachrome in 35mm, 120 and 126 to soup...it will be interesting to see how this plays out considering Stephen's apparent limitations of scale...