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Well, I turn my head 180 and look ahead. There is the future. You are right. You are right in appealling to stop beating dead horses and buy films instead. The only problem is that Apug with its 60,000 members is too small to make a significant impact.

The main issue at the industry now is productivity.
The problem with film, is that for about 50 years, they couldn't make it fast enough, so they developed larger and larger scale production facilities, when the market started to shrink, there was no way to shrink supply to meet the new levels of demand. For a while now, the only way to shrink supply has been to reduce the number of products and facilities. The largest user of film is still Hollywood, and print films are the ones most commonly used. This is changing though, and I would not be surprised to see at least one company close their coating facility in the next 3-4 years, if I were to guess, it will probably be the Kodak facility in Rochester. Because Ilford, A-G and Fuji will be enough to sustain the smaller market. Doesn't mean that Kodak will disappear, they would simply hire out film and paper coating to others. Ilford has already said they will coat for hire and they have the machinery in place to do colour emulsions at their UK facility. It would be simple, Ilford coats the masters and ships them to Rochester where they cut them into portions, and freeze them. As they need finished film they thaw a portion and finish it. When they thaw the last portion, they ring up Moberly and get another master roll shipped over.