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Sorry, still not getting it.

The exceptions ARE the ones that succeed, 9 of 10 business starts fail.

Also, I'm not suggesting film will make you or break you as a pro. I'm suggesting that simple competency with your tools, some creative marketing, skillful salesmanship, hard work, and good business practices and plans, will get you a lot further than 10-years of work trying to make a living competing with the weekend warriors in the $500 market.

Another example.


As I remember the story Joe decided he wanted to be a wedding photographer as a second career, he was already quite competent with a camera, decided what market he wanted to serve, came up with a plan, gave away his first wedding jobs to people at the low end the market he wanted to serve, marketed like heck at those weddings to build his prospect base, worked all his connections, and built his business without ever doing a wedding in the $500 market.

Gary Fong, by his own admission was a really lousy photographer when he started, but he knew what he wanted to do and made a system and refined it to make buy-ups the norm. When he sold a $500 wedding deal his norm when all done with that client was three times that, $1,500 not $500. Like Joe he worked his tail off to find the prospects that could move him up the food chain to.

Their creativity in marketing, salesmanship, BS, schmoozing, and business sense made them what they are, not their photographic skills or the technology they used. Same for Jose and Johnathan.

Heheheh.....next time when you need to cite an exceptional example, just put up a disclaimer saying that "it may only work for him or her." And not for everyone. So that we can avoid using this exceptional example to setting a new standard in the market. I am getting tired of this discussion here. Oh, I am getting it all for sure. FYI, according to Wiki, Gary Fong was charging $150 for shooting weddings and using his room (parent's house) as his office. That was his day rate and back in the film days. According to his biography, he didn't even have a goal in life. He believes that this Zen approach to life and his career in photography allows him to make millions. I am sure there are a lot of Gary Fongs in these day and age too.