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Doesn't mean that Kodak will disappear, they would simply hire out film and paper coating to others. Ilford has already said they will coat for hire and they have the machinery in place to do colour emulsions at their UK facility. It would be simple, Ilford coats the masters and ships them to Rochester where they cut them into portions, and freeze them. As they need finished film they thaw a portion and finish it. When they thaw the last portion, they ring up Moberly and get another master roll shipped over.
Apart from PE's comments that master rolls are not frozen, I believe that Simon Galley has said on here that Ilford/Harman were not interested in coating colour emulsions.....not sure if that was for profitability or technical reasons?

Perhaps they would be interested in coating, cutting and finishing B&W films to other specs (as they do with their Kentmere films). But PE has said that a film product coated in one plant cannot be instantly or simply duplicated in another coating facility...I think I can recall that he once mentioned such issues with the "same" Kodak film coated in different Kodak factories?