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60 rolls of the film would take me in excess of 120 hours to process from start to finish. With 260 dollars being the cost of materials only and not my time The cost to me would be 3 -4 weeks of unpaid work in my lab schedule.
May I ask dumb question number 18,446,744,073,709,551,616?

Why the heck did you post a price, where you were doing the lab work for free? First rule of any business, whether it's a real business or a thing on the side, pay yourself first. If a reasonable lab rate is $50/hr and it take 2 hours to do a roll, then you take the cost of materials, $260, plus the cost of lab time, $112.50 add on another $7.50 for sundries and you have $380, not $260. Hey why not make it an even $400....