Ah yeah, so for the record using a view camera when it's cold is not a lot of fun. I went out today to shoot, it's only -30 C (albeit -40 with the wind chill) but it's really kind of a bad time.

The whole large format idea of taking your time and really composing the shot is totally at odds with the few seconds you have to do anything before your hands freeze. I managed to shoot six sheets of film but made fatal mistakes with two of them from being so rushed. It is really hard to dial in your image as you really only have a couple of seconds under the dark cloth at a time as your breath ices up the ground glass, not to mention it is extremely difficult to operate the controls.

The camera also had some issues, biggest one being that the fine focusing knobs were totally unusable so I could only focus by moving the standards back and forth. I'll have to strip those apart and take all the grease out for winter use. But really it's more of the human problems with the cold that make the process difficult.

I will definitely try again but for the most part I'll stick to medium format for the colder days.