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So we did that, had a pretty good run of it too. Just checked, yep I've got the t-shirt too , now what?

I don't want to minimize the good that f64 has done, it provides a clear structure and understandable guidelines to achieve specific results. It encourages seeing before shooting, rigorous attention to detail.

It forgets/rejects though 1000's of years of artistic history and theory. It puts us in handcuffs of sorts.

So, now what?
I've found a great deal of contemporary photographers reference painters as influences before photographers. As others have mentioned, F/64 wasn't the whole story at that time, and people like Bresson/Callahan were actively involved and influenced by the broader arts. So whether or not we take from painting might depend on how religiously we follow F/64 thinking - which it should be mentioned, is about 80 years old at this point and only consisted of 7 photographers.

Felt the need to respond, sorry, as my previous comment vaguely suggests where contemporary photography is at.