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I think that the system of art movements today is broken. I haven't really heard of any movements. Nor I have I heard of any groups writing manifestos. It seems that those things are of a bygone era. Not sure why.

However, you statement is valid. It would be nice of digital photographers to stop trying to make they images look like analog. Though this is happening. Extreme HDR, as much as I dislike it, is digital and does not attempt to look like film.
I think, perhaps the lack of art movements is a symptom of today's society in general. We have come to the era where acceptable is good enough.

We want one of everything, rather than one wonderful thing.

When I was a child, we joined clubs. My children got together with friends to play video games. My grand children play in isolation via the Internet.

Rather than form groups to perfect something, the vast majority googles or utubes a short instruction and settles for "good enough".

I find beautiful monotone B&W work to strike a chord within my soul. My niece finds anything in B&W boring. Light, tone, and texture are nothing to her without vibrant color.

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