I've received many great cards so far this round:

Anikin's "Colors and Forms" is a beautiful study in just that -- I never get tired at looking this image -- there's so much to see. Another colour photo from Ozphoto: "TV Tower, Berlin" is reminiscent of the many reflections of the CN Tower I would see when living in Toronto. I've never been to Berlin but would love to go there someday!

I also received a couple more cards featuring tall buildings from piu58 and JimO, as well as Wayne Frederick's Spring Point Lighthouse.

Mike Wilde's hat-trick of cards. All interesting shots on old paper. Call me crazy, but I really like the time-lapse photo -- I think there are a lot of fun possibilities there.

A few people cards have arrived as well: Jenni's very serene-looking "Madonna", Christopher Coy's more mellow "Music in the Street", and Rudiger's vertigo-defying "Soccer Over Paris".

Some words of wisdom from drpsilver and kraker. Together I think that perhaps the way to happiness is to find yourself some knobs and knockers!

Two sets of legs arrived: MattKing's creepy spider legs and Michael Scherck's "Skin Tight". The former is unfortunately a scene I see a lot of in the summer here in Japan (although the spiders are a lot bigger!) and the latter is a style of clothing my curvy body could never wear!

BoxBrownie's "Floating Leaf" was a bit of a mystery at first -- I thought I was looking at some cosmic event initially! Peter Schrager's $3 parking is wishful thinking is most places I've lived. Finally, Jim17x's "Speedy" is a very timely card. I've just pulled out my Crown to start working on more still lifes, and this is a nice example of where to start.

Thanks everyone for the cards so far! That's 15/27, which seems about right at this point in the round. I know I'm usually one of the first ones out of the gate with cards, but this has been a crazy second semester at work -- this has been my first truly free weekend in over 2 months. In any event, my plan is to print the cards tonight and get them in the mail this week. Sorry for the delay everyone!