I've got a friend who needs to offload a lot of darkroom and LF equipment.

He wants me to take it and use it to teach at school with but they won't use it properly.

All the gear is in immaculate condition with a great big case that was specially built for it.

I have a friend who is interested in the kit but we don't know the value of it. If he's not interested in it then I may advertise it here.

I've written down all the details on a piece of paper that I've misplaced so I don't know the intimate details of each lens, just the basic specs.

Sinar C 4*5 Camera (Sinnar F front, P back)

Schneider 75mm
Schneider 120mm
Schneider 180mm
Schneider 180mm f/5.6 Makro
Schneider 240mm (I think)
Nikon 300mm APO

I'll update ASAP with the other details when I find that piece of paper.