Many thanks for your replies.

Rogue - If I'd had this at the time of the aforementioned Canadian incident, the cause would have been the stairs collapsing and I would have made it out through the cottage wall at the bottom of them! :o

First impressions - it looks, feels and handles like a black house brick... ...and I've got a lot of relearning to do!

The WLF will take a lot of getting used to; it varied between being a godsend and a PITA!
Lateral reversal will also take a bit of aclimatisation. I ended up using a hotshoe spirit level on the side and the sportsfinder for some of the framing!
One lens is not enough (but it'll have to do for now!). Using the Nikon and its lovely zooms I'd forgotten how to foot zoom (and nearly foot zoomed myself under a lorry...!).
I really miss DOF preview.


Despite the weight and bulk, handling was actually rather nice! It really does slow you down, more than I thought, which again is nice.
The negs have come out just fine with no signs of problems (other than a little margin fogging caused by my thumb-fingered removal of the roll).
The lens is plenty sharp enough.
Focusing is a piece of cake.

I like it!

I'll fit in a darkroom session this weekend and post a print of my first shot with The Brick as soon as I have it.

Thanks again,