Greetings Fellow Silver darkeners,

After a few attempts, I would like to finally setup my garage as a makeshift home portrait studio.

OK, first things first. The garage is used as intended (albeit, I only ever seem to get one car in there at any time...sigh), so anything I do to it needs to be make shift.

Now, the dimensions of the space is approximately 5.9 M x 5.2 M (17ft x a bit over 19 1/4 feet). The garage is brick walled and concrete floored with a 2.4 M cream plasterboard ceiling. There is also a brick column in the middle of the 5.2M side, but only 1 wall. I also have 3 roller doors to contend with.

My thoughts were to render or board up 3 spans of the walls, with each section that I board up being around 2.5 M (I have shelving in other other spot, else I would have one nice long section there). I had thought of painting these sections 3 different shades - White, Black and either as close to a mid grey as possible OR a mid grey with some darker spounging to add some texture).

What I am after some input on is the floor - I am not 100 % sure what to do with it. I had thought of leaving it as natural concrete, but since cars will be parked in there most of the time, I would need to contend with tyre marks (after 15 years, there is are distinct rows of tyre marks on both sides - it is a garage after all, but thankfully I don't have leaky cars!). Anyone any advice on what I could do with the flooring?

The other thing I am concerned about is the ceilings - since they are low for a studio, quite a bit of light seems to get bounced around. Would it be worth my while to blacken out some of the ceiling? My thoughts would be to use black material/plastic that can be dragged in/out.

Anyone else got any other thoughts on the actual studio setup or are willing to share what they have done? While my space is not perfect, it is the biggest area I have and I still think it is doable.