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Heheheh.....next time when you need to cite an exceptional example, just put up a disclaimer saying that "it may only work for him or her." And not for everyone.
No one ever said or implied that it would work for everyone. I and others countered your claim that film "is not happening" in wedding photography, and criticized it as overly broad. When you changed your reference point to "the general market", you got no argument to your claim. Is everyone who is not chasing the bottom or lower middle of the market "exceptional" to you? A pro can do quite well and not be at "the top of the food chain", and there are those in that group who use film, or who could benefit by using it.
So that we can avoid using this exceptional example to setting a new standard in the market.
Absolutely no one has attempted to do that. Maybe you have just misread or misunderstood their words. Maybe you don't realize clearly that both Jason Brunner and Dan Bayer (PKM-25) are people who have been professionals for a long time and have broad experience, much more than some spec work and bicycle races. Argue all you want, but they have far more credibility.
I am getting tired of this discussion here.
Sorry it hasn't been to your liking.
Oh, I am getting it all for sure. FYI, according to Wiki, Gary Fong was charging $150 for shooting weddings and using his room (parent's house) as his office. That was his day rate and back in the film days. According to his biography, he didn't even have a goal in life. He believes that this Zen approach to life and his career in photography allows him to make millions. I am sure there are a lot of Gary Fongs in these day and age too.
They are out there, but it would likely be tougher for him now. There are a lot more people now who fancy themselves photographers because their camera takes nice pictures, who get in it for a little cash and the fun of calling themselves pros. Of course there are talented and sharp people who will not be on that level for long, if at all.