If I am correct, these are the guys who have somehow achieved outstanding results shooting Vision3 500T at ISO 3200. I have not been able to replicate their success. I have shot at 1600 and got useable negatives, but thin and very grainy. My results shooting Portra 400 at 1600 were far superior in terms both of color and grain. My guess is that I would not in future push 500T beyond ISO 800 or 1000, making me somewhat skeptical of their claims - perhaps they used modified chemistry or longer than published developing times. At ISO 1000, I had better results with Eterna Vivid 500T than with the Vision3 stock, but Portra was clearly the winner - in a league of its own. While I can roll my own movie stock (and process myself) for a lot less cost than the Portra (by buying short end re-cans), Portra is I think a bit cheaper than what these guys are asking for their adapted Vision3 500T stock. And while I'm at it, in my ISO 1600 tests, even Kodak Ultramax 800 out-performed the Vision3 500T.