I received my first Jobo Expert Drum on Friday, a 3010 which can do up to 10x 4x5 sheets or (off use by some) 5x 5x7. As I am planning on using Pyrocat HD at 1.2:1:100 which states that a minimum of 75ml is needed per 4x5 sheet (or equivelent). This would give me a total of 750ml if using a full drum of 5x7 or 4x5.

Now my concern is how best do I get such a large volume into the drum to try to maintain even development? As the drum does not appear to me to be very quick filling. If I fill the drum in an upright position, surely the part of the negatives closest to the bottom of the tank will start to develop sooner than the parts nearer to the top of the tank as the developer will pool in the chambers by gravity during the filling operation.

Should I try to make some sort of tube (which I can locate one end into the filling hole) with funnel attached to the other and fitted to a stand to which I can pour the developer into whilst the drum is rotating?

Or is there another method that you use?