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The Jobo Expert series of drums are all cog-drive-only, because they are intended by Jobo to be used exclusively with a cog-drive lift unit. The solutions are introduced into drums while they’re horizontal and rotating. These drums are not intended to be filled upright. If you do so you will likely have problems with eneven development.

The lift unit of the manually operated processors fill via an integral funnel and tube that conducts the solution into the drum as it rotates. The automated versions use air pressure to transport the solutions into the tubing and into the drum. These drums are not intended for hand filling and emptying.

Thanks all for your thoughts.

I am aware that the Expert drums are designed to be used on a processor with a lift, but many sheet film users use them successfully on a variety of rotation motors and some even hand roll the drums.

I will be rotating my drums on a Unicolor Rotating Base and therefore need to find the best means of filling the tank to avoid uneven development.

As it happens, I have just succcessfully filled the drum with the required amount of water whilst rotating using a 1" bath overflow hose fitted to a funnel at one end and a washing machine waste 90 degree adapter at the other. The washing machine adapter fits into the central hole of the lid with about 0.5mm clearance so does not bind whilst rotating. I have just tried it out and the tank fills nicely with no spillage whatsoever. I just have to find something to mount it to now to allow it to stand independantly.