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Aesthetics don't totally change because technology has changed. It is a nice opportunity to try out a new language, but you can't fault someone for shooting the analog way on digital.
Your advice is sound, JeRuFo, no one should be faulted for using analogue approaches in digital. No one should be faulted for any style of their photography and their artistic expression, though critique should be always welcome. My earlier comments were not meant as an admonition, merely a criticism, and I apologise if my words seemed otherwise.

What I feel, however, is that digital has not stood, yet, fully on its own feet, at least judging by the work I have been exposed to, with a few exceptions. I would like to see what digital can offer in terms of its own language, very much. I am sure there are amazing and unique expressions still to be discovered, and that we have not seen even the beginning of it, yet. Also, I applaud if someone uses analogue metaphors in the digital world, for a purpose, especially if it is cohesive with their work. Most of the time, however, I see analogue-stylization in digital fulfil no clear purpose other than mimicry of something familiar and accepted. Perhaps, that is the purpose. On the other hand, I suppose that is a natural stage, a temporary phase in the separation of the two media.

It is a very exciting time to be involved in photography, a craft on the cusp of a major change in its artistic function.