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This is where we disagree most.......I don't believe this in the slightest. You are calling AA's departure from pictorialism to straight photography motivated by business rather than artistice preferrence. Seems to be the same as saying----------he really liked pictorialism more, but felt he could make more money by shooting "straight", as it were. How could that be when pictorialism was the "thing", it seems anyway, at the time. I don't pretend to be an art historian or anything like that, but I just disagree with the premise, but we could probably go on forever about it without changing any minds.
I didn't intend or want to infer that AA had a preference either way and I actually see no reason to think that he preferred pictorialism.

If I were to suggest that he had preference for a different artistic sensibility, other than straight photography, or for a different way to make a living, I would have say it was piano, not pictorialism.

With that said I also believe it would be hard to find a significant number of successful business people in all of history that did not adapt to the whims and realities of the market they served.

That doesn't mean AA and his buddies didn't help define or shape the market, it also doesn't suggest that he liked a different style, it just means that the AA and his buddies made good business decisions and occasionally compromised with each other and the market.