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Thanks for the interest everyone- My project has literally been frozen for a year and suddenly I've got many new facebook likes- very cool.

So yes, a few years ago I began documenting the Space Shuttle launches on Kodachrome. As a filmmaker I fell in love with the idea that both the subject (the shuttle launches) and the medium (Kodachrome) were coming to an end after decades of fanfare, market superiority and cultural admiration. When I started, all the final launches were slated to end before Dwayne's final date- but that didn't work out.

Still, I figured there some geniuses out there might one day crack the code and that I should continue to document this great experience as I had started.

With my Nikons, some specialty cameras and my Super16 motion picture camera I shot 4 rolls of 100í 16mm, 2 rolls of 50í 16mm, 3 rolls of Super8, 34 rolls of 35mm, 2 rolls of 120, and 1 roll of 126 over the next three launches- one of which was inside Kennedy Space Center with the rest of the media folks- needless to say I was the only film camera there, let alone four film cameras and the Super16.

From the start, my effort has been to tell the story of the atmosphere and people who congregate in the name of science and exploration. Instead of a tailgate party for the Dallas Cowboys, itís a huge tailgate party for science, which I loved.

Of course the big moment of the launch was covered in Super16mm, but the bulk of the photos (and some of my motion picture stock) is about the people who come to watch and what they do until that big moment happens.

The film was shot intending to be a combination of stills and moving pictures in a Ken Burns-style presentation (pans and fades of stills), no intereviews or dialogue, just the images and great music.

I have a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shuttl...56663554369586

I certainly hope we can bring these images out and celebrate the film and the Space Shuttle again.

Thank you all so much for the shared interests, it's very inspiring and I'm very eager to move forward with the community.
What an awesome project. I sincerely hope you are able to get that film processed effectively.