I have one. It never even occurred to me to think it might fog black and white paper. It sits right behind the trays, maybe 2' away if that, and I've never had a problem. (I've also not developed Panalure in this darkroom - I bought some that is in my freezer now, and that's a good reminder; I will move it farther away when I do.) I've never had a problem with fogging.

I do turn it around facing the wall when I load sheet film holders or film developing tanks. If I get back into RA4 I will at least move it farther away, and probably arrange some kind of baffle as well, though I do have a timer with no illumination that can be pre-set, the start button hit in the dark, and will beep when the time is up.

I think it's false that "dark" is a dichotomy, at least most of the time. There is likely to be SOME light present from SOMEWHERE. Any sensitized material will have some threshhold below which it will not respond at all, and a higher level at which response will be slow enough as to not matter for usual purposes. I imagine my safelights might fog paper if I left it out under them for an hour, but I don't. I test for 10 minutes, which is about twice as long as the paper is normally exposed to them.