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My enlarge came with a timer that I plug the safelight into. I can turn the safelight off. My wet darkroom is in another room and I can use the Gra-Lab there if needed. I use the Gra-Lab for timing film processing with the Jobo.
The problem using a Gra-Lab "safelight" plug is that... for several minutes of time you are in blissful darkness, then you hear a click. And the safelight comes on. Not necessarily a good thing when developing film. So I plug it into the "enlarger" plug and set the time for a good 20 minutes. Fine when working prints, but my fallacy, my error, comes when developing film with that setup after having done paper... And midway through development I turn on the GraLab to prepare for fixing. Blam. The safelight that I forgot was "on" comes on.