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You cover a lot in few sentences...

Only the last point, I don't mean to fault someone for wanting to emulate analog with digital... I just mean they should be excluded from membership in the movement...

There could be a separate movement for the mirror image of the old pictorialists, the digital photographers who want to create simulated analog prints. And they can be encouraged to do a good job. In a sense, their work is a form of... printing (reproduction). Their manifesto could be a sort of "democratization of the press". No longer is printing limited to presses that weigh several tons. An inkjet can do it. Or no print, just monitor.
Yes, I think you're right. You wouldn't need a new movement if you didn't actually change anything.

I feel you should keep the processes that you like and actually work well in the digital age.

It is quite hard to give a short view on this point. It probably differs per image and the purpose you want to give it. Democratization is a good word, time will do it's work and weed out the best loved and most practical techniques, the rest will hopefully be displayed by a few persevering artisans and eventually a friendly curator that doesn't mind some fumes in his clinical world of digital perfection.