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Apart from PE's comments that master rolls are not frozen, I believe that Simon Galley has said on here that Ilford/Harman were not interested in coating colour emulsions.....not sure if that was for profitability or technical reasons?

Perhaps they would be interested in coating, cutting and finishing B&W films to other specs (as they do with their Kentmere films). But PE has said that a film product coated in one plant cannot be instantly or simply duplicated in another coating facility...I think I can recall that he once mentioned such issues with the "same" Kodak film coated in different Kodak factories?
Ilford may not be interested in coating colour at this point, whether that will always be the case or not, is debatable. There are at least 5 coating plants, currently operating, Kodak, Ilford, Agfa-Gaevert, Fuji and somewhere in China. The biggest produced runs are not still film, it's colour movie print film, used to convert MP negatives to positives for projection. Film Distributors are moving from analog to digital. That would mean at least one of those plants will become surplus. Kodak seems to be in the biggest financial mess, so that one is most likely to close.