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Hmmm, no. If there was "the one preferred screen" then there would be no need for a choice...

What you prefer may or may not be what anyone else prefers.

Me, I like the P (diagonal split RF central spot w/ microprism surround) and the E (grid on plain ground glass). The P isn't much good with >200mm lenses, and neither is optimal for <24mm. Nikon makes special screens for long and short lenses, but most people don't bother with them.

Without the gridded E screen my wide angle shots are invariably tilted a few degrees to the left.
+1 on the Type E screen. All my F2 bodies have either the "B" or "E". The former is great with long lenses. The "E" is the proverbial cat's meow for landscape or architecture work. To the OP: I may have an extra Type A screen in amongst my assortment of parts if you want to try one out; pm me at the end of the month when I return home. IF I can find the thing, it's yours for the asking.