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Hi All,
I know this has been covered in various iterations on this forum but please bear with me. I was able to acquire the plans for a UV box from Edwards Engineered Products. Looking at the parts list I looked up the listed supplier Grainger, and with the prices they are quoting(Lamps, ballasts) it looks like it might be easier and more cost effective to just buy the build it yourself kit from edwards. My question is, does anyone have a resource they have used for these essential items that are perhaps much cheaper? I certainly want to shop around before getting all the parts together. Any information or experiences are greatly appreciated.



I downloaded Edwards' plans a few years ago when they were 'available' at 'no cost'. I then built mine..but had an electrician check my 'wiring' (elecricity scares the 's**t' out of me since I can't 'see it). It works well qite nicely (and it 'burning' a VDB as I hunt and peck this. You are welcome to a copy of what I have.