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You have missed one tiny point.

All of these analog negatives are now being printed onto the new Kodak archival print film for storage, or they are being printed as separation B&W negatives or positives for storage. Hollywood is realizing that digital copies deteriorate much faster than analog originals and the duplication and storage costs of digital are almost 10X higher than for analog.

But, even if your do print everything onto archival film, heck I would like to print MY digital images onto archival film for storage, that's one copy, versus the 300 copies needed for analog MP projection.

I wonder if a good business for Kodak, you burn a CD of digital images, ship it off to Kodak, they put them onto the archival print film, and send you back a set of slides. Even at $1 per image, it would be reasonable. Especially if you have images you don't want to lose. I think for still images, positives that are mounted are safest, in that a stack of images would not touch each other.