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Im happy to share my knowledge in the same manner as photo engineer.
Thats great to hear.

If you do so, it would be great if you could post any of your knowledge on my Wiki, http://kodachromia.wikia.com/

Its designed to document each step of the process, right down to the exact chemistry and chemicals used to help others who may be interested in processing.

While i dont have the resources to process kodachrome myself, i would like to help out in the best way i can, i dont know how much your process differs than k-14, but i feel we should now give it a new name like K-15 or something, unless we can replicate the exact chemistry used for the K-lab, we cant call any other process K-14.

I have a great interest in the process, and if nothing else its good for educational purposes.

I think Dan should look at working with Kelvin Kittles' K-lab and sourcing the chemistry for it, this would be the most economical way to process the film, but is only a viable option if the chemistry can be obtained.

How much does your chemistry differ Steve than what Kodak would have used in the K-lab?
Would it be easy enough to obtain, compared to the chemicals you are using, which i understand are not 100% the same couplers that Kodak used?

Im sure there are others who could help Kelvin in the US rather than getting Steve to travel over there.