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No, this isn't about your ability. It is about the business of photography. Just because you are capable of shooting film, it does not mean you can make a successful business out of your photography. You must have a market for you works. And clients who are willing to pay for your services at your asking price. And whether or not you can fulfill your client's expectations with the necessary turn around time. I am pretty sure it is not a smart idea to promote yourself as a film wedding photographer in order to define your niche market and your style.... you have to ask yourself if the couples would care if the photos are shot with film or digital?? All they want is good quality photos. Not all couples are art majors. Not all couples know anything about photography.
There is an old saying, to the carpenter who has only a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I decided a few years ago that digital is like another film format, actually I consider the DSLR as one and the P&S digital as another. A good carpenter has more then one tool, heck a few carpenters I have met, have half a dozen different hammers A good photographer carries more then one camera, and for most there should be a film camera, maybe more then one, and in different formats, and a digital. The one time I shot a wedding, I had 2 cameras, one with B&W and the other with colour film. Now I would probably carry the digital as well. Some shots you want in B&W, some you want on colour film and some you will want digital. The key is to use the tool that gives you the result you, as a photographer want, with a minimum of fuss and time wasted.