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Will this work with the iPod Touch? It would be nice to avoid the phone calls as well!

Yes, it works with the latest iPod Touch, the iPad with Retina display, and the new iPad mini. If you do use an iPhone, as I do, the phone may be placed in "airplane mode" which turns off the cell phone features but preserves WiFi and Bluetooth. Just be sure to turn the Bluetooth back on after switching into airplane mode as it is turned off by default.

The 1.0 version of the software is available on the app store but will be replaced with the 1.1 update within a few days. The 1.0 version was for demonstration only. The updated version of the app has been submitted and I am just waiting for Apple to review it. Version 1.1 has a more fully paper-safe interface and accommodates user preferences for sound, tenth-second timing, and tenth-unit contrast control.

A host of features are planned as I develop my iOS coding skills. When control is in software rather than hardware, the limit of what is possible is only one's imagination.