The other day I went over to Photoworks in Glen Echo, MD to cut down some 20x24 sheets of paper to 8x10. I don't have a RotaTrim which can handle that big a sheet.

They have a show up by Harvey Kupferberg, a gentleman whom I remember taking a workshop with some 20 years ago. This show is quite apropos of the current discussion as Harvey has digital prints hanging next to gelatin silver ones made from 4x5 film negatives. The subject matter and lighting conditions are virtually the same for all the photographs. Harvey is quite a masterful printer using either technology. I was able to pick out the digital prints by looking at them without reading the technical data. The silver prints were always just a teeny weeny bit better.

I have always said that when digital technology produces prints as fine as wet chemistry does, I'll go exclusively digital. It's not quite there yet, but it's close. If you're in the DC area, go see Harvey's show. It's quite instructive, and also inspiring as Mr. Kupferberg does beautiful work in both mediums.