Focusing screen is personal so I wouldn't recommend one. I use plain screen like type B or type D. Many fan of the F4 said it's the best manual focus Nikon. I since don't have one I can't say much but I much prefer the F3 as its simpler. I found many of the extra features on newer cameras I simply not use. Since I don't have the F4 I can only say which features on the F5 that I don't use. I don't use S or P mode (my F5 custom setting is set to disable S or P mode, only A or M is selectable). I don't use the matrix nor spot. For spot I found a hand held is easier to use. For matrix it doesn't work for color negative film. I don't use auto bracketing, I found it take more time to set the sequence. I do at times use AF, but I have heard the AF on the F4 isn't any where as good as the F5.